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Darvel 400 Frequently Asked Questions


The aim of this FAQ document is to provide answers to questions about the Darvel 400 lottery. For the sake of brevity the term ‘Darvel’ is used to describe Darvel, Priestland and the surrounding areas. A definition of the Darvel Ward can be found here on the EAC Website. Document last updated on Wed 7th Nov 2018.

What is the Darvel 400 Lottery?

Darvel 400 is a limited membership lottery. Its aim is to develop much needed funds for Darvel, Priestland and the surrounding areas. We chose the number 400 as a target. It may take months or even years to achieve that level of participation.

Darvel 400 is managed and administrated by the Darvel & District Community Council (DDCC).

How much could be generated?

At £5.00 per month 200 people would generate an annual income of £12,000. Obviously, if the number of members doubled to 400 then £24,000 would be generated. Table 1 illustrates how income, prize fund and community fund varies by the number of members assuming an even split between prizes and community.

Table 1: Monthly Funds Potentially Generated

FAQ Table 1

How will the money generated be split between prizes and community?

At its launch in Nov 2018 we will split the money raised evenly between prizes and community. However, the DDCC reserves the right to change the split depending on factors such as funds required, funds available and take-up. Changes to the split will be agreed by the DDCC after consultation with the community.

It should be noted that there is a cost to setting up and running Darvel 400. We estimate an initial cost of £500 (mainly for software, multimedia, licenses and promotional items) and an ongoing banking cost of 30 pence per standing order transaction.

Why are we doing this?

In common with many other Scottish Towns Darvel faces increasing funding challenges. Each year money has to be found for Xmas Lights, the Gala Day, the Planters Project and other important and valued initiatives. In addition, new ideas and new projects are difficult to fund. Many people don’t realise, for example, that the Xmas lights are only partly funded by an East Ayrshire Council (EAC) grant and most of the money comes from local contributions and the hard work of volunteers.

Looking forward the amount of money being made available by EAC is likely going to diminish. We need to find alternatives ways of raising funds.

Why have a lottery?

Simply, it a good way of generating sustainable funds from the community. It’s been used successfully elsewhere (e.g. Galston) and provides a predictable income for the community.

What can I win? And, what’s my chances of winning?

Draws will be held 10 times per annum with two draws (June and November) being for double the prize money. Equivalent to 12 draws per annum.

If we had 400 subscribers £24,000 per annum would be generated with £12,000 for prizes and £12,000 for the benefit of the community. Table 1 illustrates how income, prize fund and community fund varies by the number of members.

Table 1: Monthly Funds Potentially Generated

FAQ Table 2

Will there always be 400 entries in the draw?

The standard draw will include all 400 entries irrespective of the number of entries subscribed. This means that there may not be a winner in any standard draw. In these circumstances the winning amount will be carried forward to the next draw.

From time to time we will have full draws where a winner will be guaranteed. This is to ensure that winning pot doesn’t become too large and also to promote take-up from the community. For example, the first draw scheduled for Tue 29th Jan 2019 will be a full draw meaning that someone will win.

How often can I win?

There is no limit to the number of times you can win. As long as you are a member and have paid your monthly subscription then you will be entered into the draw.

Why would people want to participate?

The people of Darvel have a long tradition and history of participation in local issues and opportunities. We are proud of our town and passionate about its future and development. There are many lottery type schemes available but Darvel 400 is the only one that will generate much-needed and much-valued cash to be invested in the local community – the town, its people and the environment.

We know that £5.00 a month is asking a lot from many families struggling to make ends meet. But, for those that can afford to Darvel 400 represents a new opportunity to make a personal investment in your community. And, with luck, you may win some money for a special treat.

How does it work?

400 unique numbers will be made available for purchase at £5.00 per month. One or more numbers can be bought by anyone over the age of 16. There is no minimum period, but we ask that members subscribe for at least 12 months to optimise the benefit to the community.

Once money has been received you are provided with a unique D400 number with the form D400-001 to D400-400. Normally, all 400 numbers are included in the draw meaning that you have a 1 in 400 chance of matching the winning number for each draw made and for each number purchased.

Clearly, if we had 400 members then the winning number will be matched, and someone will win the prize money. If, however, we have fewer than 400 members then there is a chance that no-one will win, and the prize money will be carried forward and added to the next draw. For example, if we had 100 Members there is a 75% chance that no-one will win making the winning pot even bigger for the next winner.

Draws will be made 10 times per year with 2 bonus draws where the prize money is doubled. The bonus draw months will be June and November. The draws will take place at the DDCC Meetings held on the last Tuesday of each month with the exceptions of July and December.

The prize money available will be a proportion (currently 50%) of the funds received in any given month plus any prize money previously carried forward. Let’s take an example.

Say, in May 2019 we have 200 purchased numbers generating £1,000 in that month. And, let’s say that in the previous month of April we had had 160 purchased number generating £800 but that no-one had been lucky enough to have the winning number in the April draw.

Using the 50% rule we will have £900 of winnable cash available in the May draw (£500 from May and £400 from April). The other £900 is transferred to the DDCC Account for investment in the community (more about this later).

If your number is drawn you win the cash. There are no limits to the amount of times you can win. Each month the prize money that has not been won is carried forward to the following draw.

How do I become a member?

By completing a simple Darvel 400 Lottery application form. The form will be available on-line at https://darvellottery.com and in paper form from Community Councillors. We will also explore other ways of making the application form available through local shops.

You will be asked to provide name, address and contact information (eMail, Phone). Also, you will be provided with the DDCC Bank Account details to set up a monthly Standing Order through your own bank.

The initial payment is £5.00, and the recurring monthly payment is £5.00. The frequency of payment should be monthly. Payments received before the 15th of each month will participate in that month’s lottery draw. Payments received after the 15th will participate in the next month’s draw. For example, a payment received on the 12th March will participate in the March draw. A payment received on the 16th March will participate in the April draw.

How will lottery numbers be allocated?

Once initial payment has been received you will be allocated a Darvel 400 lottery number in the form D400 XXX, where XXX will range from 001 to 400. Numbers will be allocated sequentially.

Can I ask for privacy?

The application form will ask if you want ‘privacy’ meaning that if you win your name will not be publicised without your consent.

If you do not request privacy, we will publish the winning number, the amount won and the name of the winner. If you do request privacy, we will publish the winning number and the amount won.

Normally we will publish the winner, winning number and amount on social media (e.g. Darvel/Priestland Chat Group, DDCC Group), on the Darvel 400 Website and via posters (e.g. Town Hall notice board)

Who can become a member?

Anyone 16 years or older. There is no requirement to live in Darvel. Friends and relatives living in other parts of Scotland or even abroad can become members.

Can I buy more than one lottery ticket?

Currently up to 4 tickets can be purchased by an individual for their own use. This is to ensure that as many people as possible can participate. It should be noted that only one membership per person is allowed although up to 4 lottery numbers can be purchased. Darvel 400 does not recognise nor has any responsibility for syndicates.

Who draws the winning number?

The winning number will be drawn at the DDCC Meeting held at the Darvel Town Hall on the last Tuesday of each month (excluding July and December).

A member of the DDCC Committee will make the draw witnessed by other attending members. The winning number will be recorded in the DDCC Minutes and published as normal. For the sake of transparency, the draw will be video recorded.

The winner will be contacted and informed of their success by the Secretary of the DDCC Committee. If privacy has been requested the winner will not be named in either the DDCC Minutes nor via any other information channel used by the DDCC Committee (e.g. social media). For audit purposes a record of winners and payments will be kept by the Treasurer of the DDCC Committee. The Treasurer will create and maintain a record of members, allocated numbers and payments.

How will the draw be made?

A Microsoft Excel worksheet has been developed that will be used to generate the winning number. The Excel function RANDBETWEEN will be used with the parameter range 1 to 400. This will randomly pick a whole number between 001 and 400.

The number generated will be matched to the winning member. If the member has opted for privacy, then only the number and the winning amount will be published. More information can be found about RANDBETWEEN at the Microsoft Excel Support Centre.

How will non-payment be handled?

Payment will only be accepted by standing order to a nominated DDCC Bank Account. To be included in the current months draw payments must be received by the 15th of each month.

If money is not received by the 15th of the month the Members number will be excluded from the draw. The Treasurer will maintain a record of payments and Members for each draw. If money is not received repeatedly, we will assume that the member no longer wishes to take part and their allocated lottery number may be allocated to another member.

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